Rhythm Shoot 2.0 is a rhythm-based top-down shooter extended from a 10-minute game jam entry

Game made in 1 day and is submitted to OpenGameJam with the theme "Spam to win" . There is not much substance to it but it is a playable game. I wanted to make a good "hitting on the beat" bit so this is a great success for me regardless of a poor gameplay.

Controls; WASD or arror keys to move and Space bar on the beats to shoot more powerful.

Disclaimer: WebGL does not play audio right away so there will be a couple of seconds of silence in the in the beginning of a session. Audio might also be a little delayed in WebGL. Please play the downloadable version for the best experience.


Github link to the game project: https://github.com/southocean/RhythmShoot


RhythmShootWindows.zip 17 MB
RhythmShootLinux.zip 20 MB


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Wow, nice concept. I would definitely buy the full game!


Hey thanks for giving the game a try! I was checking your games too but it seems that you are new on itch? Welcome!