This is a rhythm-based top down shooter done in 10 minutes as challenged by Brackeys. Again, WebGL does not play audio right away so please wait for a couple of seconds or play the downloadable if this bothers you.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move.

The following video records the process of making this game. Notice that the audio file is prepared ahead of time because this is a rhythm game and making music in 10 minute is impossible. 

A slightly more polished version of the game (better graphics and score text) is also available as downloadable files.

Thank you for playing!

Install instructions is the original downloadable version of the game.

RhythmShootWindows and RhythmShootWebGL are respectively the downloadable version and webGL version of the game with more polishing.


Download 16 MB
Download 6 MB
Download 15 MB

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