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Space is being collapsed, and a little boxy guy goes on a quest to save humanity from space invasion by collecting 7 colored orbs. Along the way, he will experience a minimalistic adventurous Ori-inspired environment, opening mysterious treasures and laughing at some flat jokes. The longer he goes on the journey, the stronger he is. Eventually he will have the power to manipulate space and reclaim space. Will he be able to conquer the space? Let’s find out. If not, there are always a skip level button!

Space Invasion features:

  • Destructible terrain
  • Interactive tutorial with dynamic camera work
  • 7 levels of replay-able difficult platforming and a boss level
  • Control with ADW/arrow keys and mouse
  • My dry sense of humor

Game is made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42 by Nam Nguyen, except for sound effects and music. The theme of the jam was "Running out of space". Hence Space Invasion, make sense right?

Ranked 61st/1500 in fun and 96th/1500 overall.

Install instructions

Update log

  • Version 1.0: Fix bugs text overlapping and falling through floor
  • Version 1.1: Cut off waiting time between scene and allows jumping with space.

Version 1.0 is the original with small bug fixed (allowed by LD rules), version 1.1 I did change some UI and add space to jump according to complaints I got. If you can accept the changes in 1.1, feel free to use that. Web build is version 1.1.



SpaceInvasion1.1.zip 23 MB
SpaceInvasion1.0.zip 23 MB


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I'll be following you. I think you have a bright future in game dev!


Thank you, I checked out your game too, it looks very very finished and I totally had a fun time with it! Thanks for your support!