In Moult you eat yourself and becomes stronger. You can play this game for as long as you want, there is no ending to it, keep feeding yourself by your own flesh and drowning in your own greed.

Controls: Left and right keys - or - A and D. You can control after the cutscene.

The game is made for JimJam#2 with the theme Ouroborous:

  • Snake eating its tail: The most literal meaning
  • Rebirth: Reborn being stronger every time
  • Infinity: The game does not end after credit rolls, you can play this forever.

Assets used:

  • Free music loops from
  • Sound effects from and Bfxr
  • Medusa font

This is a side project I did in less than a day for JimJam with the theme Ouroborous. I also join another team and we made an awesome crafting game too, check it out here: A tail of Alchemy

Here is a walk through of the game


Download 20 MB


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Feels like really good singleplayer version of I like the simplicity. Gj.

You've done it again! Awesome work!!


Hey thanks for checking this out, I really appreciate it. Making games does become easier after you have done a bunch of crap ;D