Trapped in a cemetery, you have to capture the lost soul from all the ghosts with your camera. You don't have a lot of battery so use it wisely: try to line them up in each shoot. All the controls are in the tutorial level, you should have no problem picking them up.

This is quick patch for my GMTK entry, LostSoul, that I did a bit after the deadline. If you play the jam version, you cannot get to the end of the game. List of bugs fixed is as follow:

  • Not enough ghosts spawn: you cannot pass level 2
  • Ghosts spawned outside the walking zone: cannot be captured, cannot pass level.
  • Text in tutorial is not displayed incorrectly.
  • Ghosts animation is off (during testing).
  • Zoom indicator was incorrect.

That's about it. And I also exported a web build, the export is done way after the deadline but nothing is added.


Download 17 MB
Download 18 MB

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