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Trapped in a cemetery, you have to capture the lost soul from all the ghosts with your camera to get out. You don't have a lot of battery so use it wisely: line them up in each shoot. Control camera with mouse, space to turn on camera, click to shoot.

Bug fixed version and web build: https://southocean.itch.io/lostsoulpatch. List of bugs fixed:

  • Not enough ghosts spawn: you cannot pass level 2
  • Ghosts spawned outside the walking zone: cannot be captured, cannot pass level.
  • Text in tutorial is not displayed correctly.
  • Ghosts animation is off (for testing).
  • Zoom indicator was incorrect.

Post-jam version with some music: https://southocean.itch.io/lostsoulpatch.

Music is done by Paranoia (twitter: @djparanoiaprod/ soundcloud: djparanoia)

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of a shooter without shooting. 


LostSoul.zip 17 MB


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Great job on this! Love the implementation of the camera UI. It felt a bit weird having to kill myself when out of batteries since I don't think there's any way to regain it except shooting ghosts, but I started to enjoy the slow agonizing death when it happens. Definitely add sfx and music if you're planning to update you game and good luck!

Yeah I was ambitious there, the idea is that you pick up batteries and upgrade your camera. I have 3 batteries in the UI but didnt have time to implement the logic. I would seriously consider making a game without the character like in your game, it saves so much time for all the drawing. Yes, it is a missed opportunity, I couldnt find anyone to make music for the game and GMTK rules is unclear to me whether I can use free license music or not T_T

Hey and well done :) !! I really liked the simple 3D silhouette art style and the idea of having to take photos of ghosts from the right angle to destroy them ! It goes very well with the theme of the jam ! A shame there's no sound to add an extra layer of atmosphere, but still, an interesting game ! Keep creating mate, I look forward to seeing what you come up with during your next game jam (ld 43 ;D ?)

Yay thanks for the feedback. I can only do these programmer art, I would die for a tutorial about making a character and animating it. I think you have tutorials for each but not both topics. Anyhow, yes, see you in LD 43 ;D. Or music game jam, if you are interested in ;D