Roses are red, violets are blue.

Purple with yellow comes back to red.
Colors are best when live in harmony.

Balls fight is a colorful top-down shooter that features 4 types of enemies that react differently when being killed and you have to prioritize shooting them to make the most of it. How many can you kill?

Original idea was implemented for a 30min mini gamejam called Emofight, which has only 2 types of enemy. 

I hope you have fun!

WebGL decompresses audio when loading so audio will not be heard for the first couple of seconds. Play the downloadable version if this bothers you; and yes, WebGL sucks!


Download 18 MB
Ballsfight.apk 28 MB


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this is great fun, but after some time my finger dies! :)

Thank you, I have implemented the auto firing mode, but it takes away the feeling that you actually kill the enemies yourself ;D